V-IGOT7 Welcome GOT7 Back To Vietnam

GOT7 has recently visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam this January 07, 2017 and appeared on Zing Music Space 2016 as invited guests. V-IGOT7 prepared many projects to give them a warm welcome for their second time in Vietnam. As soon as they landed, the members moved to the VIP gate due to an enormous amount of fans waiting at the airport, but the fans still know and moved to the VIP gate as well. But they did a great job at keeping themselves organized and none of the fans cross the line or followed GOT7. They all cheered for their idols as their car passed by.

The other members also waved at their fans too.

Jinyoung (GOT7) must have been really tired from a long flight.

BamBam (GOT7) spent a few minutes to waved at the fans cutely.

Jackson (GOT7) did the little bird movement to show his love to the fans.

All the V-IGOT7 lines up and make ways for their idols. It was really well organized.

One of Jackson (GOT7) fanpage in Vietnam put up banner to welcome him.
During the show, the fans also did a few projects to show support to their idols. One was that the V-IGOT7 released 777 balloons into the sky during GOT7’s performance as a gift for the upcoming 3rd year debut anniversary and also one of the member JB’s birthday.

777 balloons were released into the night sky created a beautiful scene.

Isn’t it lovely? What do you think about the projects that V-IGOT7 made for them?


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