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BTS Rap Monster Releases New Song “Always” on Group’s Souncloud

Happy new year ARMY’s!!

On the 1st of January 2016, BTS‘ leader, Rap Monster, gifted fans with a sudden release on the group’s SoundCloud, a new song entitled “Always“! What a great way to start the new year and make all the ARMY‘s in the world happy!

Everyone loved the song so much, that after only a few hours the hashtag “#Always_love_you_남준(Namjoon)” was trending number 1 worldwide in Twitter.

The song is a self-produced track by RM and arranged by Pdogg. On the same day as the release, he posted on BTS‘ blog the lyrics,as well as information on the song and stated that he worked on it in early 2016. The song was written when Rap Monster was going through a hard time and instead of just waiting till it passed, he decided to write a song about it. Now that he is feeling better, he didn’t want to let the song go and wanted to share it with us~

Listen to “Always” below:

What do you think of “Always“? Do you like it?


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