Comebacks, K-Pop

DAY6 Drops Teaser for “Every DAY6 January”

To start off 2017, DAY6 released a teaser video for their upcoming comeback! The teaser hints for the first release of music coming up this week on January 6th, following the set schedule based on their recently announced calendar.

In the teaser video, a countdown is happening while instrumental tunes play in the background, occasionally having the words “I WAIT” and “EVERY DAY6” appear one after the other.

The calendar is being used to indicate the release of new music once a month along with a concert. Every month throughout 2017, there will be a release mostly on the 6th day of the month. The teaser video possibly relates “I WAIT” and “EVERY DAY6” to the time of releases—and perhaps contributes to their concept or song/album title.

A pre-concert is set to take place on January 5th before the first release date. What kind of music will DAY6 bring us for the start of the year?


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