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Get Ready for GOT7’s Upcoming Tour in the U.S.

Good news to all the international IGOT7 out there, GOT7 will be having their upcoming tour at five different cities here in North America in January. It has been stated that they will be visiting Miami, Washington, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. Did you grab your tickets yet? If not, then hurry up and head to Ticketmaster to get them before it sells out.

Sweet Sweet Kpop is here to help you guys prepare for this tour with our DOs and DON’Ts.

Here are some of our DOs:

• Line up early if your venue is not seated and remember to bring your ticket (either on phone to scan or in hand).

• Choose your outfit a few days before if you want to look nice, but let it be something you can be comfy in since the fan meeting is 90 minutes long.

• Don’t feel panicked, charge your phone so that the battery will be full before the fan meeting.

• Get your merch pick up before the fan meet either at the venue or have them deliver to your house.

• Dress for the weather! It will probably be colder so wear something warm before you go, don’t let yourself freeze to death.

• Eat something before so that you will be energized.

• Be a polite fan, don’t throw your trash randomly. Pick it up if you see some and also treat other Ahgase like your family, help each other out.

• Get yourself together, try your best to be mentally and physically prepared.

• If you have something you want to say to your bias during the photo op or hi-touch, practice a little bit before, even though later you will be super nervous and forgot almost everything 🙂

• If it is possible, say thank you to the staff that works there since they are the ones aside from GOT7 that made this fan meeting possible.

That’s mostly it, there is nothing much to worry about as long as you don’t forget your ticket.

Now here are some DON’Ts :

• At the fan meet, don’t let yourself get hurt by competing with other fangirls to get close to your bias. Be a mature fan and enjoy the effort your bias puts into the show.

• Don’t always use the phone, enjoy it with your eyes since it is a little sad for GOT7 to not see your pretty face. Also it is a little bit rude to the artist if you keep on using the phone and not actually watching them.

• If you get picked by the GOT7 members for the game, don’t panic, stay calm and be respectful to all the members.

That’s a wrap! I hope this guide will help you all have a more joyful time with GOT7. See you guys in January, hurry and go get your tickets and merch if you still haven’t.
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