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Rapper Yuna Kim to Debut Under New Label Maroo Entertainment

Yuna Kim has finally been signed!

On the 28th of December 2016 KST, new label Maroo Entertainment, released a report announcing that rapper Yuna Kim has signed a contract with them and that she is currently preparing for her solo debut album that is set to drop in the first half of 2017.

If the name Yuna Kim sounds familiar to you it’s surely for a good reason. Even though she’s still really young, Yuna Kim has spent a lot of time training in a famous agency and has already debuted as an idol. She was first known for being a former YG Entertainment trainee before leaving and debuting in the girl group The Ark. Unfortunately, she left the group back in July 2016 before making an appearance in the female rap survival show “Unpretty Rapstar” season 3.

Looks like she’ll now be promoting as a solo artist! Good luck to her and make sure to stay tuned for more updates on her debut!


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