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DAY6 Teases for New Music for the Upcoming Year

DAY6 aspires to start the new year of 2017 with a bang! On a recent episode of After School Club, Jae of DAY6 announced that one of the things that made him and the members happy towards the end of this year was the news about having a comeback! When asked about the time of the comeback, all members agreed it’ll be “very soon”.
Not long ago, JYP revealed a calendar for 2017 called EVERY DAY6, which features a schedule of dates full of promotional activities. A pre-concert is set to take place in January, while new music will be released each month along with two concerts to follow. The upcoming year is set out to be a busy one for the band!
DAY6 guested on the last episode of After School Club for 2016 to accept the ASC Friendship Award. After being recognized as the guest with the most visits to After School Club from 2016, they were invited to celebrate the end of the year with fellow ASCers by ‘Letting Go of 2016’ with segments and live performances of their hit tracks. Check out the episode on YouTube or the Arirang website.

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