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[SSK Boutique] Check out SSK’s Sweetest Item of the Week!

This weeks featured item on SSK’s very own Sweet Boutique, is the “B1A4 Four Nights in the U.S.” hoodie!

Choose from 5 different styles + more B1A4 selections in our Boutique!

With B1A4 hitting the U.S. soon to perform in four different cities in February, we thought it would be great to feature this hot item for the week! There are 5 different versions of this hoodie, the difference only being that you can choose which member’s name you would like to have on your back! The “B1A4 Four Nights in the U.S.” hoodie will be able to keep you warm & cozy throughout the cold season!

You can also choose different designs from B1A4’s section in our shop here!

B1A4 is set to perform in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles!

Also, don’t forget you can sign up with our Sweet Rewards system & receive 10% off your NEXT PURCHASE when you #sskboutique on Twitter or Instagram!

Stay tuned for our Sweet Item of the Week next week!

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