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SS301 Releases Comeback Details & Concept Photos

SS301 is officially coming back in December!

Eternal 0” and “Eternal 1” are two different versions of their comeback mini album, “REMOVE,” and will be the conclusion to their “Eternal” series.

The album consists of 5 tracks: “Remove,” “La La La,” “My You,” “Luv With U,” and “My Universe.”

Member Youngsaeng even wrote and produced the album, making it a more personal gift to their anticipating fans.

The trio are a subunit of SS501 and recently released “Eternal 5” with title song “Pain” early this year, along with a special commemoration album, “Estreno,” in June.

The group will have a showcase on December 8th before the release of their two albums on December 9th and will begin their tour in Japan and Mexico shortly after.

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