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BIGBANG Releases MV Shooting Teaser & Announces Comeback with MADE Full Album

Where are all my VIPs? BIGBANG is coming back!

On the 17th and 18th of November, YG Entertainement‘s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, released on his official SNS accounts, a music video shooting teaser for BIGBANG, as well as a teaser poster announcing the boys comeback with the MADE full album. Big news for fans who were getting impatient and have been waiting for BIGBANG‘s comeback since the single E was released back in August 2015. I honestly can’t wait to see with what kind of new songs the talented boys are coming back with.

The 15 seconds teaser video includes the following caption “Am I allowed to upload something like this? Oh well, whatever,” and showcases the boys riding on their bikes in the streets of Korea.

Check out the MV shooting teaser below:

Along the teaser, a media report released on the same day announced that fans can expect BIGBANG to comeback before the end of the year, around mid-December. No exact dates have been given BUT with T.O.P getting accepted in the military police for his mandatory military service the boys have no more possibilities to push back the comeback so we’re sure it’s coming our way.

Now we’re getting into the more serious teasers hehe~ the teaser poster announcing the boys return states this will be a full album. Their first full album in eight years, the ones fans have been waiting for over a year, the “MADE” album! The final of their 10 years anniversary project “BIGBANG10“.

Check out the teaser poster below:


Are you excited for BIGBANG’s comeback? Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and teasers!

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