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B1A4 Invites You to ‘B1A4 Four Nights in the U.S. 2017’

B1A4 is returning to the U.S. early next year for a 4-city tour!

The official promotion video for the tour is out, with all 4 members energetically inviting you to join them for a night of fun performances!

They will be holding their “B1A4 Four Nights in the U.S.” show in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles!

Venues, ticket prices, and more are as follows.


The event was organized by Powerhouse Live, who is a leading concert organizer for Korean entertainers during their U.S. performances.

B1A4 is also slated to have a comeback on November 28th, so they will be performing their new songs for their U.S. fans!

Ticket sales start tomorrow, November 19th at 12AM local time, so make sure you get your tickets! Don’t miss out on a magical night with these 5 princes!


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