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On November 1st, with a rainy afternoon in Vancouver, many fans had already begun to line up outside the Vogue Theatre. Despite the heavy rain, fans were still excited and pumped to see CL.

At 7pm, VIPs were allowed to enter the venue for their Meet & Greet session with CL. Once the fans got into the venue, immediately we all had to line up to get our photo op with CL. CL came out about 10 minutes later and let me tell you, she was and IS beautiful in reality. Her presence itself was just amazing. Not only was the photo op not as rushed, CL took the time to greet each and every one of her fans that were there.

CL opened up the show with “FIRE” literally heating up the stage with her presence the moment she stepped onto the stage. She performed “I Am The Best” right after her opening song, hyping up the crowd as they sang along to the song. Despite having a sore throat from the concert the night before, CL still performed to her best abilities.

Throughout the continuous hour and half of amazing performances, CL never showed fatigue, maintained her professionalism and only pumped up the crowd more as the night went on. Some songs her performed during the concert were “Falling in Love”, “If I Were you”, “Lonely”, “Scream”, “Dr. Pepper”, “Lifted”, “Hello Bi+ches” and more!


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