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BTOB Comes Back with 9th Mini Album “New Men’ and MV for “I’ll Be Your Man”

BTOB is back!

On the 7th of November 2016 KST, BTOB came back with their 9th mini album “New Men” and the music video for its title track “I’ll Be Your Man“. This is the boys first dance title track in two years, so I hope you’re all super excited to see what it will sound like hehe~ As you probably know from all the teasers released, BTOB‘s “New Men” is composed of seven tracks and all the members took part in the writing and composition of one or more song. You can check out the full tracklist and a sneak peek of the album (in case you wanted to listen to what it sounded like before purchasing it) here.

Ok, the music video… Where should I start? I have always loved BTOB but this is above my expectations…. “I’ll Be Your Man” is a revelation and I’m super happy that CUBE has finally let the boys do this kind of concept. The song is super catchy and I fell in love with it after just a few seconds. As for the MV, it is dark, dramatic, edgy, amazing and full of talent. The boys alternate between talented dancers in a church and “gangsters” in the street. The end of the MV let us believe there may be a second part as one of the members ends up being tied down. By the way, for you all who were wondering who the girl was played by, it’s Elkie from rookie girl group CLC. I hope you’ll watch the MV because it’s 100000….0000 times worth watching!!

Check out the music video for “I’ll Be Your Man” below:

What do you think of BTOB’s comeback? Do you like it?


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