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MAMAMOO Comes Back with 4th Mini Album “Memory” and MV for “Décalcomanie”

MAMAMOO is back!!

On the 7th of November 2016 KST, MAMAMOO came back with their 4th mini album “Memory” and the music video for its title track “Décalcomanie“. This is the first comeback of the girls since they released their first full album “Melting” back in February 2016. As you may have already seen through all the teasers MAMAMOO released for their comeback, “Memory” is composed of eight songs including the title track and the pre-release tracks “New York“, “Angel” and “Dab Dab“. All of the members took part in the writing and composition of one or more songs on the album. You can check out the full tracklist here.

The music video for “Décalcomanie” has an old Hollywood, James Bond vibe featuring the girls alternating from sexy, glamorous black dresses to suits. The girls play a dangerous game with a man before they all succumb to his charms and end up kissing. I think the music video is really nice to watch and was really well designed with different scenes of the girls in different outfits. You can also see dance breaks and Hwasa with long blue hair. The music video is totally worth watching and if you haven’t already, do it now!

Check out the music video for “Décalcomanie” below:

What do you think of MAMAMOO’s comeback? Do you like it?

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