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BASTARZ ‘Make It Rain’ in New MV

BASTARZ is really making it rain in their new MV!

We could tell from the album preview and MV teaser that the song was going to be a hit, but nobody could prepare us for the full release.

With dark motifs, looks, powerful beats, and unique special effects, the song and MV together are definitely a killer!

“Make It Rain” is an electronic and invigorating song suited for BASTARZ and is a complete 360 from the concept of their pre-release track, “Selfish & Beautiful Girl.”

Along with the release of the “Make It Rain” MV is the release of the “Welcome 2 Bastarz” album, which is stocked-full of great listens! (I recommend “That’s Right and “Tightly!”)

Check out the MV! Did you enjoy it?


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