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TWICE Comes Back with Mini Album “TWICEcoaster: Lane 1” and “TT” Music Video

TWICE is finally back!

On the 24th of October 2016 KST, the rising rookie girl group TWICE cameback with their 3rd mini album “TWICEcoaster: Lane 1” and the music video for the title track “TT“. This comeback is the girls second comeback of the year after they released the 2nd mini album “Page Two” back in April 2016. With the release of several teasers before, fans got excited to see what kind of concept the girls were coming back with; from cute and dreamy teaser pictures to spooky Halloween music video teasers, we finally have the full release. Excited?

TWICEcoaster: Lane 1” is the girls 3rd mini album since they debuted on the 20th of October 2015 with “The Story Begins“. It is composed of a total of seven tracks including the title track “TT“. More information on the full tracklist here. Overall, the album sounds like a pop/dance album with a lot of fast tempo songs. There’s a few exceptions where the beat goes back down and the songs almost sound like a ballad~ You can listen to a sneak peek of every songs on the album here!

The music video for “TT” has a Halloween themed to it and showcases the girls wearing different costumes ranging from devil to princess. It’s super aesthetic and the costumes along with the decor are just amazing! *.* There’s some dance breaks showcasing cute “TT” choreography and the song is really catchy. I’m sure it will be another all kill for TWICE!

Check out the MV for “TT”:

What do you think of TWICE’s comeback? Do you like it?

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