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Jay Park Drops Third Pre-Listening and Music Video Teaser for “Drive” Featuring Gray

Jay Park has released more teasers!

On the 18th of October 2016 KST, Jay Park released on his official YouTube channel, the first MV teaser for one of his upcoming title tracks and the third pre-listening for the album LP “Everything You Wanted“. As you may all know by now, Jay Park his coming back October 20th with the LP “Everything You Wanted” and the music videos for the title track “Drive” featuring Gray and the song “Stay With Me“. For more teasers and information of Jay Park‘s comeback, you can check this article~

The third pre-listening gives you a sneak peek of the following songs: “Replay“, “Limousine,” “Drive,” “Forever,” “Turn Off Your Phone” and “I Got This“. Sounds like most of the songs will be R&B songs with smooth vocals. *.* Check out the first pre-listening here and second pre-listening here.

As as for the music video teaser, it’s really short, about 16 seconds and showcases Jay’s amazing handsomeness while he drives a car under the bright sun and palm trees all around.

Check out the MV teaser below:

Are you excited for Jay Park’s comeback? Stay tuned cause it’s happening soon!


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