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Hallyu Dream Con Announces First Artist

Guess what Sweeties?! One of the biggest upcoming Hallyu events has finally announced their first artist!

On Saturday the 8th of October, Nonstop Kpop, the hosts of the upcoming first HDC, Hallyu Dream Con, revealed the first artist to attend the three cons coming your way in April 2017.

As revealed last week when the event was announced, Hallyu Dream Con will be a huge two hour long concert bringing you YOUR favorite K-pop, K-Hip Hop and Indie artists. The concert will be accompanied by a convention with a lot of fun activities, fan engagements and more! The event will happen in three different cities in the United States including Charlotte, NC, New York, NJ and Los Angeles, CA. You can find more information on HDC and vote for YOUR favorite artist to come here.

Now, should we talk about why everyone came here??~

The first artist revealed by Nonstop Kpop to attend the three amazing Hallyu Dream Con’s is…..


Yeees! The five member rookie boy group VX will be coming for the first time to the United States! Isn’t that exciting?

In case you don’t know VX, here’s what you need to know: They debuted as a five member group in 2015 under the JJ Entertainment with the digital single “Fantasy”. VX is composed of leader Jinhwa, main singer JT, main rapper Jeki, maknae LA-E and singer/dancer Siyoon. Since their debut they’ve comeback twice, once with their 1st mini album “OMG” in February 2016 and once with their 2nd mini album “What Are You” in August 2016.

Here’s the official Hallyu Dream Con teaser with VX!

Check out one of their music video below:

Make sure to check them out and stay tuned for more artist announcements!


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