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Sweet Sweet Kpop Click & Drag Game [School Edition]

Hi Sweeties, we at Sweet Sweet Kpop are always thinking of fun articles and activities for fellow fans, so we’ve decided to hold a series of games for that very reason.

One of those fun activities are click and drag games, which are also popular on sites like Tumblr.


  1. Click and drag the gif to see who you get! What’s your K-pop School Adventure like?
  2. Or alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the page and see your results side-by-side.
  3. Share your results with us on social media! Tag us so we can see it!



(iKON‘s B.I as the teacher and teacher’s pet? I wonder how that works…)

NOTE: This is all for entertainment purposes only, so please don’t take it too seriously!

(Seizure and Epilepsy Warning! The gifs move very quickly.)

SSK Click & Drag Game (School Edition)

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