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MONSTA X Releases Album Tracklist & ‘Oath of Hyungwon’

MONSTA X has revealed the next teasers for their 4th mini album, “The Clan 2.5 Part. 2: Guilty.”

This time, rather than photos, they’ve unveiled their album tracklist and first “Oath” from member Hyungwon, with Minhyuk‘s Oath to be released tomorrow.


Similar to previous albums, the tracklist looks intense, with titles like “Fighter,” “Be Quiet,” and “Queen.” Members Jooheon and I.M participated in the writing of some tracks, with Jooheon producing one of them.

Giriboy, whose worked on previous MONSTA X songs, wrote, composed, and arranged “Blind.”

In the Oath, Hyungwon speaks of the X Clan mentioned in their previous album. He narrates that he let go of the X Clan, but in a dream, he reunites with and meets them again.

MONSTA X‘s official comeback is slated for October 4th. Are you prepared?


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