Comebacks, K-Pop

MONSTA X Releases Comeback Teaser for ‘The Clan 2.5 Part 2: Guilty’

MONSTA X is following up with their multi-part album series with a teaser for “The Clan 2.5 Part 2: Guilty.”

After releasing “The Clan 2.5 Part 1: LOST,” in May, along with symbolic title track, “All In,” the boys promised fans they’d return soon with more.

They took fans by surprise with a teaser photo depicting the members on the run, with posters of their faces plastered on the wall, along with the message: “Coming Soon.”

Although their has been no set date for their next release, rumors estimate they’ll be making a comeback sometime in October.

Having been left with so many unanswered questions from “The Clan 2.5 Part 1: LOST,” fans anticipate many of their curiosities will be satisfied with this new release.

Are you excited? (I am!)

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