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INFINITE Releases Dark & Intense MV for ‘The Eye’

INFINITE is officially back with their 6th mini album, “Infinite Only,” and an intense MV for title track, “The Eye.”

Member L plays the protagonist in the MV, fighting against an ominous darkness and having the other members hold him back. Fans are quickly circulating various theories about the ambiguous MV, trying to piece together the puzzle.

“The Eye” resonates with INFINITE‘s signature music style, and in the choreography cuts, we catch a glimpse of their famous dance synchronization!

Infinite Only” comprised of 7 tracks, some of which the members participated in creating. Agency representatives previously claimed “Infinite Only” to be one of INFINITE‘s best album yet.

The group held a countdown until the release of the MV, stating they were going to watch it for the first time with their fans.

Check out the MV for “The Eye” below, and share your theories and thoughts with us!

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