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Red Velvet Releases the First MV Teaser for “Russian Roulette”

Red Velvet have released their MV teaser for their upcoming comeback!

On the 6th of September 2016 KST, SM Entertainment released on their official Youtube channel, the first music video teaser for Red Velvet‘s upcoming comeback “Russian Roulette“. The girls will release their 3rd mini album “Russian Roulette” along with the music video for its title track of the same name on the 7th of September 2016 at 0AM KST. According to the individual teaser pictures released last week and this weekend, Red Velvet is coming back with a fairy tale, fantastic and fierce concept; something new and to look out for.

The MV teaser showcases the girls playing dangerous games, in a Tom and Jerry kind of way, and singing “lalalala”. Just like the teaser pictures, they all look super funky and wearing bright and flashy pastel colors. It’s a concept that promises to be really interesting~

While waiting for the YouTube video, you can check out the MV teaser for “Russian  Roulette“.

Unofficial YouTube video:

Are you excited for Red Velvet‘s comeback? Stay tuned for the full release!

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