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Red Velvet Teases with Joy and Irene Pictures for Upcoming “Russian Roulette” Comeback

Red Velvet is back with a new teaser picture for their upcoming comeback.

On the 2nd and 3rd of September 2016 KST, SM Entertainment released on their official SNS accounts, new individual teaser pictures for the upcoming comeback of their five member girl group, Red Velvet. According to the agency, the girls are set to drop their 3rd mini album ‘Russian Roulette” and the music video for its title track on the 7th of September 2016 at 0AM KST. They’ll make their comeback stage with the song “Russian Roulette” on M! Countdown on the 8th of September.

After releasing multiple teaser videos and the first individual picture that showcased Wendy, SME released a second individual picture showcasing….. Who?… JOY! Yes! And it looks like it’s with blonde hair that the singer will have for the comeback.

Check out Joy‘s teaser picture below:




You can check out more individual pictures of Joy here, on Red Velvet official website.

After unveiling teaser pictures for Wendy and Joy for Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” comeback, SM Entertainment unveiled more teaser pictures for none other than…. Irene! The pictures showcases Irene with purple hair on one picture and pink hair on the others. She looks stunning while looking straight at the camera and having a fairy tale vibe.

Check out Irene‘s individual pictures below:



Are you excited for Red Velvet’s comeback? Stay tuned fore more teasers to drop!


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