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Jay Park Releases New Song “Me Like Yuh” and MV for “Aquaman”

Jay Park is back with two new songs and a MV!

On the 1st of September 2016 KST, AOMG‘s CEO, Jay Park released on his official YouTube channel, a new music video for the song “Aquaman“, as well as the audio version of the song “Me Like Yuh” featuring AOMG‘s first female rapper, Hoody. Both songs were produced by Cha Cha Malone, Jay Park’s long time friend, and both have a summer vibe with a dance melody. They’re in English and will be part of Jay Park‘s upcoming English EP “Everything You Wanted“.

Aquaman” talks about Jay Park wanting to be a girl’s superhero in a way only Jay can (if you see what a mean >.>). The music video is nice to watch with a great backgrounds and a lot of sun, girls, and Jay dancing. You’ll get to see something surprising, a car filled with water like a hot tube. The song and MV are really refreshing and great to extend the summer!

Check out the MV for “Aquaman” below:

Check out the audio of “Me Like Yuh” below:

What do you think of Jay Park‘s new release? Are you excited for the full EP? Stay tuned for more updates to come and don’t forget to go check out “Me Like Yuh” on iTunes!

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