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INFINITE Releases Intense Comeback Teaser

Boy group INFINITE is finally coming back!

News of a late summer to early autumn comeback have been floating around for months now, but no official releases have been made until now.

INFINITE has finally solidified their spot in the K-pop comeback scene with an intense video teaser, a brand new logo, and the message “COMING SOON.”

INFINITE‘s Woohyun recently had his solo debut with “Write..” and the group has released “Best of Infinite,” a Japanese album.

They have also performed in front of thousands of fans at their “That Summer 3” concert tour stops.

The seven boys will return on September 19.

Are you ready, Inspirits?

2 thoughts on “INFINITE Releases Intense Comeback Teaser”

  1. OH MY GHAD! I WAS BUSY DOING SOME PAPER WORKS IN SCHOOL AND THIS SURPRISED ME!!! MY SEVEN LOVELY CREATURES WILL FINALLY COMEBACK AT THE KPOP SCENE!! THANKS FOR THIS INFORMATION. If it wasn’t for you I would never know that they already released a teaser. Thank you!!! I just can’t wait to see them again. 😢


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