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NCT Dream Debuts With Music Video for “Chewing Gum”

NCT Dream has debuted!

On the 24th of August 2016, SM Entertainment released on their official YouTube channel, the debut music video for NCT‘s new unit, NCT Dream. As revealed earlier, the unit is composed of seven members, Jisung, Chenle, Jeno, Haechan, Mark, Renjun and Jaemin, all ranging from age 14 to 17. They debuted with the single “Chewing Gum“, showcasing a brighter and more youthful image than the previous NCT unit.

The music video is super colorful and cute just like the previous teaser pictures released. You can see the boys getting into troubles, having fun together and see dance breaks. The chorus is really addicting and you’ll probably have it stuck into your head all day~ “Give me that chewing gum~~ chew chew chew chewing gum”

Check out both the Morean and Chinese version of “Chewing Gum” below:

The boys will have their debut stage on the 25th of August on M! Countdown so make sure to stay tuned and support them!

What do you think of NCT Dream’s debut? Do you like it?

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