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B.A.P Releases MV for “That’s My Jam”

B.A.P is back!

On the 8th of August 2016, B.A.P made their comeback with a new single album entitled “Put’Em Up” and the music video for its title track “That’s My Jam“. It was announced that the boys wouldn’t be promoting this track on music shows, but instead would meet fans through fan meetings and other events. If you watch it live or attended B.A.P‘s 2016 world tour finale concerts in Seoul then you already know what the songs sound like since the boys performed it for the first time on the 6th and 7th of August.

Are you ready for B.A.P‘s “That’s My Jam” to become your new jam for the summer? The song is an EDM track that is perfect for vacations and parties. It has a lively and fun melody that will make you dance. The music video showcases humorous moments of the boys imitating famous TV shows and some of their old music videos. No more talking, time to watch the real thing!

Check out the MV for “That’s My Jam“:

What do you think of B.A.P‘s comeback?


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