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I.O.I’s First Sub-Unit Releases Teaser Pictures + MV Teaser for Upcoming Debut

I.O.I is making a comeback with its first sub-unit!

Rookie girl group, I.O.I, formed after Mnet‘s trainee survival show “Produce 101“, and will make their first comeback since they debuted in May 2016 with the mini album “I.O.I: Chrysalis“. Unfortunately, the group won’t comeback as a whole but as a sub-unit composed of seven members, including leader Im Na Young, Kim Do Yeon, Pinky, Kim So Hye, Choi Yoo Jung, Kim Chung Ha and maknae Jeon So Mi. The girls are set to make their debut on the 9th of August 2016 with the single “Whatta Man (Good Man)“. With all the teasers released, it looks like the unit will abandon the cute concept and go for a sexy concept~

Check out the teasers for yourself below:

Teaser Pictures

Honestly, when I first saw the teaser picture where the girls are all wearing white wigs and tees with red lipstick… I thought I was looking at seven young Sia’s~ but I love the concept and it really intrigues me. The last two teaser pictures showcases the girls wearing leather clothes and looking super sexy **




MV Teaser

The MV teaser for I.O.I’s upcoming first sub-unit debut single “Whatta Man (Good Man)” showcases the girls in black leather, looking sexy. They gave us a hint at what we can expect and the song already sounds super catchy and easy to sing along with!

Are you excited for I.O.I’s first sub-unit to debut?


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