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BTS’s Suga To Release First Mixtape Since Debut

It was announced a couple of days ago that one of BTS‘s rappers, Suga, would be releasing his first mixtape in early August!

This will be Suga’s first mixtape since his debut, and he’s finally ready to show ARMYs his masterpiece! Suga is well known for his bold, expressive and catchy rapping and is a talented producer at the same time. Known for producing, “Just One Day, Tomorrow, Dead Leaves” and involved in lyric compositions.

He has helped produced many tracks for his group’s previous & current albums alongside with his fellow member & leader, Rap Monster.

Since mixtapes are generally for the artists to be able to express themselves better with a self-created track, and created within the hip hop industry, they are distributed freely.

Sources say that it seems like Suga has finished recording his mixtape and is now moving onto the filming portion for his music video!

With high expectations and great anticipation, fans are eagerly looking forward towards Suga’s upcoming mixtape!


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