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Heize Releases Music Video for “And July” Featuring DΞΔN!

Heize is back with a new MV!

On the 18th of July 2016, rapper Heize released her first mini album “And July“, as well as the music video for its title track of the same name. To know more about Heize‘s first album “And July” such as, the tracklist, you can check out this article. If you missed the pre-release track “Shut Up & Groove” featuring DΞΔN, you can check out the MV here.

The title track “And July” features R&B artist DΞΔN and DJ Fritz. The song has a groovy melody that will have you dancing. You can hear Heize both sing and rap, with DΞΔN accompanying her with the singing. As for the MV, it showcases DΞΔN and Heize as a couple who are having difficulties living together. They can’t stand each other, but they also can’t live without each other. It’s a pretty funny MV with a lot of tricks, but also a lot of fun and dancing. A must watch!

Check out the MV for “And July” below:

What do you think of the collaboration with Heize and DΞΔN?


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