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FTISLAND Releases 6th Album “Where’s The Truth” + Drops MV for “Take Me Now”!

FTISLAND is back!!

On the 18th of July 2016 KST, legendary rock group, FTISLAND, made their comeback with their 6th album “Where’s The Truth” and dropped the music video for its title track “Take Me Now“.

Check out a quick comeback review of FTISLAND’s 6th album “Where’a The Truth” and its title track MV “Take Me Now” below. Make sure to support them!

FTISLAND – “Where’s The Truth”

Where’s The Truth” is FTISLAND‘s 6th album and is the first release for the group after more than a year since their last album “I Will” was released. The album is composed of nine tracks, including the title track “Take Me Now“, the tracks were all written and mostly composed by the members. They’re all so talented *.*

Check out the full tracklist below:

  1. Out of Love
  2. Take Me Now
  3. Lose
  4. Mask
  5. Becoming You
  6. Stand By Me
  7. Paparazzi
  8. Wonderful Life
  9. We Are…

The songs honestly all sound amazing and you really need to check out this album! To have a taste of it, you can check out the highlight medley of the full album here.

FTISLAND – “Take Me Now” MV

The MV starts off with close ups of the boys and a little girl with background music that sounds very dramatic. The warm background color and fire add even more drama to the scenes. The music starts and you can see the boys are very into the music as they start playing their respective instruments and Hongki starts singing. After that the MV flips between the little girl walking and the boys playing their instruments. Even though all this sounds super basic, the MV production team actually did a great job with all the colors and lights to make the music video look dramatic. The song is also great, if you like hard rock you will love this song. Plus, the little parts where Hongki sings while the instruments are not loud are golden! I’m not disappointed by FTISLAND‘s comeback and think this is a must watch/listen!!

Check out the music video for “Take Me Now” below:

What do you think of FTISLAND’s comeback? How about their music video? Make sure to support them!


1 thought on “FTISLAND Releases 6th Album “Where’s The Truth” + Drops MV for “Take Me Now”!”

  1. FTISLAND Is always cool and good. They are talented. The video have some messages. Rock should be more notice in Korea especially FTISLAND. They give good messages and learning to find who you are and what relates to you. The beat was intense and hyped. The vocals were so amazing and smoothing. To at least understand how much they want to achieve. To have strength and pride. To guide them to where they have to be.


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