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Kush & Zion.T to Release Studio Version of “Machine Gun” ft. Song Mino

This is some of the most exciting news for all the SMTM5 viewers… A studio version of “Machine Gun”! If you don’t follow Show Me The Money 5, you might be wondering what “Machine Gun” is, and what all this excitement is about.

“Machine Gun” was written and produced by YG‘s Kush, along with Zion.T for a special producer stage to appeal to the contestants on SMTM5. The song was a huge success, which led to the duo to be voted number one among the four producer teams. The impact of the song was so heavy that a lot of fans asked for a studio version, which wasn’t planned at first but, guess what?! It is coming our way, and coming very soon!

On the 26th of June 2016, Kush and Zion.T teased us on their official Instagram account about the official release of the studio version of “Machine Gun“. The song also features WINNER‘s Song Mino, who spits straight fire after the first half of the song. (He really is amazing).

The track is set to be released on the 29th of June 2016 at 0AM KST. Are you excited?

Check out the full performance below, and enjoy! (“Machine Gun” starts at 3:35min.)


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