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[Debut] YG Reveals New Member for its Upcoming New Girl Group!!

Aaaaand here we go again!!! The third member of YG Entertainment’s upcoming new girl group has just been revealed!

A few weeks ago, YG announced that every week they would be unveiling one new member of the upcoming girl group. Two weeks ago we discovered the amazing and talented Jennie Kim, who featured on songs with BIGBANG‘s GD and Seungri. Last week, we discovered YG‘s first foreign trainee, Lalisa, an amazing dancer and a childhood friend of GOT7‘s Bambam. And today, YG announced the third member!

Just like the last two weeks, on Wednesday the 15th of June, YG unveiled on its official Twitter account, the seven beautiful pictures of the third member, Kim Jisoo! You might be thinking that you’ve heard her name before and you’re not wrong! Just like Jennie and Lalisa, Jisoo is already quite popular! She was revealed to the public in 2013, and has been working for YG Entertainment as an actress and model. Her first appearance as an actress was in the drama “Producer“, where she was an invited guess alongside other YG artists. She’s also a popular model for the brands Nikon and Samsonite. She did multiple CF’s for these two brands, including two with the members of IKON for the brands LG and Smart Uniform.

Check out her beautiful pictures below:








What do you think of Jisoo? Are you excited for YG’s new girl group to debut?


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