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[Debut] YG’s Upcoming Girl Group Reveals Second Member!

OMGGGG!! I have been waiting for this since last week when the first member, Jennie Kim” was revealed!!! I’m so excited!

A few days ago, YG Entertainment announced that starting from last week, they would be revealing a new member every week for their upcoming girl group to debut this summer. After revealing the first member, Jennie Kim last Tuesday, YGE did it again this week, on the same day, and dropped seven new amazing pictures of the second member, Lisa!

Here’s a little background on Lisa because I’m sure all of you are so excited about the girl group and want to know more about her. Lisa is Thai and her real name is Pranpriya Manoban. Some people also know her under the nicknames Lalice, Lalisa or just Lisa. She’s 19 and won the YG auditions held in Thailand in 2010 and then officially joined YGE in Korea in April 2011. She’s also a childhood friend of GOT7‘s Bambam, and is also one of the main models for YG’s clothing line, NONA9ON.

Find the amazing pictures of Lisa below:








Are you excited for this new girl group? What do you think of Lisa?


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