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[★] Spam N Eggs ft. Dean: Recap (+Pictures & Videos)

In case you missed seeing R&B artist, Dean, in Los Angeles, we’re here to recap the event for you! Sweet Sweet Kpop was present at the show, so we’ll give you a rundown in case you weren’t able to make it, or relive it with us if you did!

The Spam N Eggs show took place at Club Bound LA, Korea Town’s only nightclub. The event was hosted by Spam N Eggs, comprised of rapper Dumbfoundead, Tokimonsta, and Far East Movement. There were many other artists featured, including DJ Zo, Them Jeans, Mono/Poly, and of course, headliner Dean!

Lines for the event were long an hour before the event, with many fans anticipating the exciting show. Once in, the crowd quickly grew, and the show began. The night started with energizing music from the DJs, beginning with sets from DJs such as DJ Zo.

The crowd was pumped up from the upbeat music, and as soon as midnight hit, Dean changed up the scene with his long-anticipated appearance! He performed four fan favorites, including “21,” “Put My Hands on You,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” and “I’m Not Sorry.”

Check out our video coverage of DEAN here:

After Dean’s performances, people danced along to the music and enjoyed the fun night out with friends.

Check out our photos from the event! Shout out to Spam N Eggs for letting us cover the show!

View more pictures from Spam N Eggs here!

Did you catch the show, too? What were your thoughts about it?


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