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[★] Toronto Kpop Con – Recap: GFriend & Day6

Last weekend, Toronto K-pop Con, or TKC, kicked off their event with a performance of VIXX on the evening of Friday, May 20th, and finished with GOT7 on the night of Sunday, May 22nd. Over the course of 2 days, fans from all over Canada got to participate in games including Random Play Dance (as seen on Weekly Idol!), take pictures at cute K-pop photo booths, and more!

This year at TKC, event organizer Pop Goes The World! invited two groups who are growing with popularity to come and perform on the Canada Dream Stage. On Saturday, May 21st, we saw the ever-so-fresh rookie girl group: G-Friend! The following day, we were lucky enough to get up close with JYP Entertainment‘s newest boy band: Day6!

Let’s start with G-Friend, shall we?

The girls kicked off the concert with ‘Glass Bead’ and ‘White’, then they followed it up with an adorable cover of ‘Bring It All Back’ by S Club 7. After the three songs, each member did a short introduction, and although they had a translator, member Umji also helped to translate for the other members.


During the introduction segment, Umji pointed out that she liked to sing Disney music and did a cute mini-cover of ‘When Will My Life Begin’ from the Disney movie ‘Tangled’! (Click here to watch the fancam).

The members then divided themselves into 3 groups of 2 and played the balloon popping game. The teams were: Yuju/Eunha, Umji/Sowon, SinB/Yerin. Team Yuju/Eunha found a strategy to quickly pop the balloons between their hips, and they quickly became the winners for this round! On the other hand, SinB got frustrated and started to step on the balloons on the floor (LOL). The winning team, Yuju and Eunha, then did a duet cover of Meghan Trainor’s ‘Dear Future Husband’, showing off their incredible vocal skills. After that, G-Friend left the stage, and a video appeared on the screen.



The video was a vlog of them practicing for their Toronto concert — The girls were shown to be practicing their introductions in English, and there were also clips of them during dance practice. Once again, the six girls came back on stage, and continued to perform ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and ‘One’.

They played another game afterwards, this time inviting 6 audience members to join them on stage for the telepathy game. Subsequently, G-Friend started talking about how excited they were to be here, and member Yuju said it was her dream to go to Canada! (Aww!) While the girls took turns speaking, Umji did a lot of translating for the members, and to the audience’s pleasant surprise, she was the one that spoke most of the time!

One of the major highlights during this concert was when G-Friend spontaneously celebrated a fan’s birthday on stage. No, it wasn’t planned, but the girls definitely gained more love and respect from the public after this unique fan-service! Not only did they sing happy birthday for this female fan, they also gave her a group hug! I don’t know about you, but G-Friend makes me feel things. They really do.

Anyway, the girls kept the show going with their song ‘Trust’, and during this song, the banner project, created by TKMG (Toronto Korean Music Group), sprung into action. The members, who were touched by the cute project, showed their appreciation and said “Waaaa~”. They then sang ‘Luv Star’, and they revealed the day of their concert to be their 500th day since debut! Umji, being the most fluent in English, sweetly addressed the special date, saying ”I think we wrote a very special page today.” (AWWWW UMJI ❤︎)

The girls then proceeded to thank the audience, and followed up with a wonderful performance of their other hit-song, ‘Rough’. Of course, when the song ended and the stage cleared, the audience started cheering “Encore!!” What happened next? You guessed it! G-Friend came back out (again!) to perform their last song, ‘My Buddy’, which they revealed to be their first time performing it live on-stage!

The girls thanked the audience once more, and bid their goodbyes for the final time. The concert concluded on a high note, but the audience kept on cheering for a second encore. Unfortunately, none of the lights came on (LOL jokes).

Anyway, apart from thanking the girls for coming to Toronto, I would also like to address the amazing audience that we had in the house that night.

Not only did the audience keep the hype up, they also made sure to cheer for each and every member, and they often reminded the girls that they were loved and supported! The crowd cheered especially loud for Umji, the member who had been criticized in the past for her appearance. To the audience’s delight, Umji never once tried to hide her face on stage, and just like the other 5 members, she exuded with confidence and happiness as she performed. (Smile more Umji-ya, we love it when you smile ^^ ❤︎)


Overall, G-Friend’s performance went above and beyond the fans’ expectations, and I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say that the concert was LIT. We sincerely wish the best on G-Friend’s future works, and we look forward to seeing them here in Canada again! Now, let us move on to Sunday, where we meet one of JYP Entertainment’s newest, and hottest, boy bands: Day6!

Let us begin~!

Before the show even started, the crowd was already getting worked up from doing fan chants for ‘Letting Go’, and when lights went out, people began screaming like crazy as they cheered “Day6! Day6! Day6!” You may not believe me, but every time they heard an instrument being played, there was a ton of screaming.


Anyway, Day6 kicked off their concert with ‘First Time’ and ‘Blood’ before introducing themselves. During the introduction segment, the members constantly referred back to Young K who often gushed about how good Canada was! (Aw bb thank you~) They commented on Toronto’s fresh air, and was taken back by the cleanliness of the city. Member Sungjin agreed with Young K’s comments, and said that Young K was right about how great the city was. After some more chatter, Young K revealed that his parents were watching him in the audience (How cute is that? ><), and he said although his main country was Seoul, he spent his youth in Toronto, so Toronto felt like home.

Next they performed ‘Sing Me’ and ‘Wish’, and just like G-Friend, they played the balloon popping game. The teams were: Young K/MC Terry, Jae/Dowoon, Wonpil/Sungjin.

Jae/Dowoon team won pretty quickly, whereas Wonpil/Sungjin struggled to finish popping the balloons. The boys ended up having to move to the next game due to limited time, so they left one lonely balloon un-popped by team Wonpil/Sungjin. (;~;)


Next, they invited some members from the audience to join them on stage and formed teams of 2. They played the pedometer game with each member using a different strategy, and yielded the following results:

Team Young K, who shook his hips with the device strapped to his waist, ended with a combined score of 281. Team Dowoon, whose partner’s pedometer accidentally reset, got a combined score of 194. Team Sungjin, whose partner scored more than Sungjin, received a combined score of 301. Team Wonpil, whose partner’s pedometer also reset, ended with a combined score of approximately 155!

At this point, Jae was the only member who hadn’t played, and he demanded the loser of this round to do some kind of punishment. This was when he grabbed his partner and led her to the front of the stage. They knelt as they discussed the punishment, and they ultimately decided on aegyo! The audience, obviously excited to see Jae do aegyeo, started screaming at the girl and asking her to make Jae lose (huehuehue). Of course, Jae, being the sassy boy he was, shook his head and finger as if he was saying no (LOL). In the end, Jae’s team received a combined score of 302, leaving Wonpil’s team with the least number of points. Member Wonpil ended up having to do aegyo because he lost, so he jumped around cutely while doing peace signs near his eyes!

Following the games, the boys gave their final comments on their opportunity to perform in Canada. Wonpil said it was a honor to be here, and that it was the greatest delight getting to perform for this wonderful crowd. Because of Young K, he learned a lot about Canada, and since the audience in the house knew their songs, he got more energy as they performed. Sungjin, who brought up the trip to Niagara Falls, thanked the fans for the honor of performing for them on this stage (No, no, thank you for coming!) Young K screamed “Torontooooo!!!” before reminding us, yet again, of his love for Toronto. “Whenever I come to Toronto, I feel like it’s home. Thank you for coming out today.” (Thank you~) Dowoon then thanked the audience and revealed that the boys were more pleased to see the fans than the fans were to see them. They felt it in their hearts that the audience was supporting them 100% even though they live across the world, and if they are given the chance, they will definitely come back again! Last but not least, Jae compared the Grand Canyon to the Falls, and said that although he thought the canyon was dope, Niagara Falls was way more beautiful.

Day6 then proceeded to perform ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Letting Go’. After that, Jae asked his members how they were feeling and revealed that he himself felt like crying. Although he tried to explain the sadness he was feeling, I think Dowoon didn’t understand because all he said was “Rock and Roll!”. Then Wonpil, being the dramatic one, acted as his heart was being stabbed. He choked out “Heart…Heart attack!” then quickly got back into character for the next song. Wonpil asked the audience to sing with them during this last song, which was ‘Hunt’, and to the boys’ pleasant surprise, they got a standing crowd with people jumping up and down and going absolutely crazy!


Of course, what is a concert without an encore song? Day6 concluded with their final performance of ‘Freely’, which left the crowd in a light, positive mood! Overall, the concert was just as lit as G-Friend’s, and through this stage, we hope that us fans made as strong of an impression as the boys did on us. We thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with you that night, and we wish to see you back soon! All in all, this sums up the two wonderful days we had at Toronto K-pop Con. We sincerely hope Day6 will come back for more stages, and good luck on all of their future endeavors!

View the rest of our photos here:


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