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Day 1 ‘FLY in SEOUL’ Concert Recap

I attended day 1 of the ‘FLY in Seoul’ GOT7 concert on April 29th 2016. We were not allowed to take pictures or video during the concert due to copyright issues, etc. They either took your phone/camera and deleted your photos Or they kicked you out all together. Some people were not caught, so you can probably find those pictures online somewhere because you NEED this evidence of this greatness in your life.

The concert itself was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I literally enjoyed every minute of it. I cried, I screamed, I cheered, I sang, I rapped and I bounced in my seat. It was amazing! The dancing was phenomenal, and so was the singing and rapping by all members. The back up dancers were pretty great as well and the martial arts tricking was minimal but cool.

image                    Photo credit: Star News

They even did girl group dances IN DRESSES AND WIGS!. Mark, JR, & Youngjae did “Me Gustas Tu” in purple dresses. That was funny, but not nearly as funny as when Jackson, BamBam & Yugyeom did “Dumb Dumb” in their dresses. They wore red dresses with different colored aprons on. Jackson and BamBam enjoyed it so much that I could not stop laughing to save my life. They then continued to do one of their own songs in the dresses and let me tell you, by this point I was no good anymore.

Team RUDE made multiple appearances along with Team CUTE and all your favorite ships. There was lots of MARKSON, JACKBAM, BAMBAM&YUGYEOM, MARKJR, etc. Even though I do NOT believe in all of these ships, they were so prominent at the concert. Team CUTE consisted of Junior and Mark in Blue and Pink suits. They were so energetic and the aegyo poured profusely. I loved their performance.


Team RUDE consisted of Jackson (of course), BamBam & Yugyeom. They had the rudest VCR before they performed rudely live in front of my face. Jackson was shirtless in the VCR and I died. OH and when they came out in these big throne like chairs and rapped, I nearly fainted. I screamed and possibly cried, but that’s okay. I cried a lot during the concert so its fine. It’s normal, especially since they are my bias group.

ALSO, as a part of Team RUDE, one of the VCR’s consisted of Guk Joo teaching them how to be cute and there was a sexy challenge too. Everyone was funny and cute and then we have Yugyeom. Yugyeom started off by leaning on the table and showing us his collarbone. Okay that’s cool, BUT THEN he got on the floor and did that move that I remember Chris Brown doing in the “Take You Down” MV. He humped the floor my friends and I DIED. Of course they bleeped this out with a big 19 sign over him, but STILL. Jackson was even about to rip off his shirt at the end of the concert and they stopped him and I died again. Then I remembered I can’t REALLY be mad because the concert was ages 7 and over, so it makes sense that things needed to be a little censored.


Now if you have not heard already, our baby JB was injured and could not perform at either concert that weekend. He is also unable to travel for a few overseas concerts as well. There is something wrong with his back, so keep him in your prayers as he recovers. HOWEVER, they left a spot open for him through ALL of their songs and even when they stopped to talk. During the part of the concert where he was supposed to sing with Youngjae, they left his seat open and focused the camera on it. It was beautiful in that they wanted us to know he is there in spirit. BUT THEN at the end of the concert before they started the encore portion, Jackson brought out a Special Guest; And he was special indeed! Jackson helped JB onto the stage to talk to us! It was beautiful and I cried (again). He teared up, Mark cried and had to pause from what he was saying, Jackson teared and cried and Youngjae cried as well. They also cried during the video that was put together by the fans to the “Confession Song”. There was so much emotion going through everyone that it hurt.

OH AND DO NOT LET ME FORGET, when they did the “Confession Song” they came up to the higher seats on these big moving stages and basically stopped to say hi. They waved and touched people’s hands, took their signs and the gifts that the fans wanted to give them. When they were in the pit (I don’t remember which song it was to) they leaned over the railing to touch the fans and let them touch them. It was done by Mark, Jackson & Yugyeom specifically. Yugyeom even took someone’s camera and took a picture of himself then gave it back to the fan. They were really great with fan service and I truly appreciated that.
imagePhoto Credit: @GOT7Official


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