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B.A.P LOE 2016 Awake in Dallas Concert Review

B.A.P’s “Live On Earth 2016 Awake!!” Tour came to Dallas on Thursday, April 21st! The group delivered outstanding performances at the Verizon Theatre that got the whole audience hyped and the venue moving. The performed different genres, from hip hop, rock, and ballads to EDM (Electronic dance music) and remixes of their most popular and acclaimed songs. The venue itself was apart from other places at walking distance, but the inside makes up for its location. With a capacity of 6,350 seats, I was more than impressed to see most of these filled with the exception of those unavailable by the venue. As soon as you entered the theatre,“Where Are You Now?” could be read on the background screen. The show started on time, and the DJ and drummer on stage had the full house moving before B.A.P even came out.

Sporting heavy spiked black leather jackets, B.A.P’s opening act of the night was none other than their famous debut track “WARRIOR”. The volume was explosive; fans going crazy at the sight of the group stomping and hitting high notes — particularly Daehyun. Next up, B.A.P performed “What The Hell” rock version. The members gave it their all and even head banged during the bridge, giving the whole performance a real rock feeling to it. Continuing with the rock performances, “BANGX2” started playing. Bang Yongguk was on fire during the whole performance, Youngjae’s vocals were on point and by then, their jackets were off and they were jumping around the stage in ecstasy along with fans. “No Mercy” was next and by mixing the song with Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, B.A.P really did continued rocking the stage.


The first solo of the night came right after the shortly lived rock show with Himchan’s cover of “S.N.S” featuring Bang Yongguk. With the whole venue pitch black and in anticipation, we suddenly heard “Sexy… Special… Hey, girl tweet me your mention,” and boom! The lights shined so bright I was blinded for a couple of seconds as Himchan positioned himself on stage in a suit. With his distinctive vocals, confidence and sexy choreography, Himchan had the whole audience screaming. The fun performances came right after with B.A.P performing “SPY”, a song with an old school hip hop feel to it and an amusing choreography with the members mostly free-styling. During this act, member Zelo impressively did a back walkover with one hand, but kept his head on the floor and behind up in the air, making some sort of bridge; fans went crazy and the back dancers playfully slapped his behind. The atmosphere was very enjoyable, everyone was laughing and truly enjoying themselves.


“Be Happy”, “Feel So Good” and “CARNIVAL” are part of B.A.P’s latest album titled as the latter song. These brought the mood even higher as fan proved that although the songs are new, they are already engraved in the memory as they sang along with members, which couldn’t help but smile seeing how devoted fans are. A pleasant surprise was that of Daehyun’s solo stage with the ballad version of “Shady Lady”. He asked everyone to please sit down for his act and to simply enjoy the music, “Relax, relax,” he said as the song started playing. Daehyun’s honey vocals had everyone in still in admiration — that is, until he stood up and the beat changed as he said, “Drop the beat!” and rapped Bang Yongguk’s part of the song.


Next up, the DJ got the full house moving with electronic dance music making the concert an actual party. The members came back on stage and “Hurricane” started playing; everyone started going crazy jumping, dancing and singing along with the members. Piercing lights of all colors dominated the stage and continued to advance the euphoric vibe throughout the crowd as the rhythms “BADMAN” and “Dancing In The Rain” stole the show as they were easily the highlight of the whole show. B.A.P smoothly transitioned into the next song, “Crash” and took a small break leaving fans with member Jongup and his solo stage of self-composed song, “Now”. I was thoroughly impressed by his vocals and suave new choreography for this act. Needless to say, Jongup’s solo performance was an outstanding part of the show.


Fans were surprised with a VCR titled “THE WAR” showing all the wars that took place worldwide from the 1900s until present time that still continue today. The whole venue was silent as an endless list of wars flashed on the background. Finishing the list with “NO MORE WAR” hugely engraved on the screen, B.A.P’s biggest hit, “ONE SHOT” started playing. The members performance was very passionate and the choreography on point, especially during Zelo’s parts, during which he went all out. Continuing with the heavy atmosphere, B.A.P performed their newest release, “KINGDOM”. This song, along with another two, is part of an exclusive album for Japanese fans — meaning the songs are in Japanese. Previously, the members mentioned the was no Korean version of the song, leaving many disappointed, and now even more surprised when they performed the actual Korean version of it at the concert.


“1004” or “Angel” was up next, with Jongup introducing the song with his epic pose at the beginning of the song. “1004” proved to be a rival to “ONE SHOT” as fans sang most of the song along with the members, and Daehyun had everyone screaming with his high notes. After, a short break and talk session with the members, fans sang Happy Birthday to Himchan. Along with the fans, Daehyun and Youngjae joined in and sang Happy Birthday as well. Himchan seemed very touched by the gesture and threw kisses to the crowd, thanking everybody. Afterwards, “With You” started playing and the members pointed the mics at us to sing along. It was the most interactive song of all and had many of us almost in tears as the members had previously mentioned how they were all truly happy now, and how fans should not have to worry anymore about the bad things as they are now properly living their dreams.


As the end of the show was approaching, “Monologue” as the background music for the VCR introducing their long awaited comeback song, “Young, Wild & Free” came up and the cheers were louder than the music as we all knew what song was coming up next. With confetti everywhere in the air since the very beginning of the show, up until then, B.A.P came out to perform the strong fusion of hip hop and rock. The song gave everyone the chills as it represents the beginning of a new era for them. “Excuse Me” came up next closing the show with a lot of energy as the members freely ran across the stage receiving toys, headbands, and also touching fans’ hands and sitting in front of them to take pictures with their phones; a sense of unity in the air.


The concert was overall very energetic and lively. I enjoyed the EDM performances with “Hurricane”, “BADMAN”, and “Dancing In The Rain” as they brought the whole audience together to dance and jump around. It felt like a huge party that everybody was welcomed to be part of and freely dance. The solo stages gave a new air to members Daehyun, Himchan and Jongup, specially the last two as they often previously featured in other members’ solos. B.A.P’s “Live On Earth 2016 Awake!!” in Dallas was truly an experience I would love to repeat and recommend to other fellow fans in cities part of the tour.


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