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[Review] B.A.P Live on Earth 2016 lands in Los Angeles!

On Sunday, April 17th, B.A.P made their long-awaited return to Los Angeles for their Live on Earth 2016 USAwake! Live Tour. Their last U.S. concert tour was two years ago, so many have been eagerly anticipating them landing on U.S. soil.

Just as it did in 2014, the concert took place at the Microsoft Theater (previously known as the Nokia Theater) at LA Live, one of the busiest places in Los Angeles. Upon arrival at the Microsoft Theater, you could see a large advertisement for the tour on the screen above the entrance of the Theater, along with several lines of excited fans.

The night started out with upbeat music to hype the fans up—and it sure worked! When B.A.P came out, they started with their debut song, “Warrior,” a fan favorite and one of B.A.P’s most iconic songs. The boys continued performance after performance, each one with even more energy than the last. Not only were their vocals amazing, but their dance as well—you could see how much energy they put into each move, and how much the fans were enjoying themselves.

Not only did the group perform many of their title tracks, but also other songs from their albums and even a couple of special stages, with solos from members Himchan, Youngjae, and Jongup (with a feature of Yongguk). We were able to see not only their dynamics as the group B.A.P, but also their individual talents!

The group performed both upbeat, catchy songs and more intense tracks, such as “Young, Wild & Free,” which was their first comeback in late 2015 after a long hiatus.

What was particularly memorable about the night was a VCR that was played on the screen during one of the transitions, showing a list of all of the wars that have occurred and ending with the the phrase, “No More War.” Following the VCR, B.A.P rocked out the stage with “One Shot!”

Of the night’s performances, “Young, Wild & Free,” “With You,” and “Feel So Good” were some of my favorites! B.A.P really lit up the night with their strong, energetic performances and gave BABYs an experience that they will never forget.

Meanwhile, B.A.P is bringing Live on Earth 2016 to Canada, and then back to the United States for 4 more North American stops. They will then carry out the rest of their tour in various countries all around the world.

We hope everyone else had as great of a time at the LA concert. May the boys come back again very soon!

(Photo from B.A.P‘s Official Facebook)


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