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[MV] Luhan – Adventure Time

Luhan has a new present for his lovely fans!

The music video for the song “Adventure Time“, part of the album “Reloaded I” released in September 2015, has just been released today on his official YouTube channel!! The MV is in black and white and Luhan shows us a mature image of himself (no more baby Luhan 😥 . Parts of the MV were filmed during a Vogue China photoshoot of Luhan and a blonde white girl.

Check out the MV below:

Even though Luhan is now a full time solo artist, he keeps working hard and releasing songs for his little deers. Late 2015, he released the full album “Reloaded” which included the tracks “That Good Good“, “Football Gang“, “Promise“, “Your Song“, “Medals“, “Deep“, “Adventure Time” and “Lu“. All the songs have music videos which you can find on his official YouTube channel. A few weeks ago, Luhan released the single “Reloaded +” including two new songs, “Excited” and “The Inner Force“. Just like the previous songs, they also have MVs.

Keep supporting him!! He deserves it 😉


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