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Your Korean beauty guide with Erica Kim


This is our first cosmetic article on the blog!!!

For our first cosmetic article, I thought it would be fun to interview one of my Korean friends and ask her what kind of Korean cosmetics she uses and why she likes them. I really hope it will help some people choose their Korean cosmetics.

Erica Kim, 18 years old, grew up in Gangnam, just south of Seoul in Korea. She moved near Boston two and a half years ago and is now living and studying in the United States. She’s a huge fan of BIGBANG and loves Super Junior. She is a big fan of road shop products and she’s still using them here, in America.

Korean Road Shops

Korean road shop cosmetics stores have a lot of varieties you can choose and I love how they have super cute designs. It’s not even that expensive and many students can afford to buy cosmetics. So if you go to Gangnam station, tons of road shop cosmetic brands will welcome you. They give out free samples and sometimes they have a huge bargain like 50% off for membership. I remember I used to make a bucket list before the bargain day and I would go to Gangnam to buy everything I wanted. I know a lot of Chinese tourists love Innisfree and they literally buy the whole store’s shelves *jokes*. That’s how popular it is.

Now you know where to go next time you visit Seoul. She also added,

It’s hard for me to keep up with Korean products nowadays, so I have to buy stuff from Sephora.

For people that do not know what a “Road Shop cosmetics stores” is, she defined it as:

All these cosmetic shops on the street like Etude, Innisfree, Nature Republic, TonyMoly, Skin Food, The Face Shop…. It’s less expensive there, than in department stores.

Now, let’s get to what kind of makeup and brand she uses for her daily makeup.

What kind of cosmetics do you use for your daily makeup?

Lotions and toners I use Innisfree and I also use Innisfree for makeup base. For lip tints, I like Etude House.

Because she uses an American brand for mascara and eyeliner, I asked her to recommend us a Korean brand that she would use for these items. She answered that for both she would use TonyMoly. She said she was also planning on getting TonyMoly cosmetics for her eyebrow.

A recap of what she uses or would use:

Mascara – TonyMoly

EyeLiner – TonyMoly

Eyebrow – TonyMoly

Lips – Etude House

Foundation – Innisfree

Her recommendations

  • For lips

I would recommend Etude for lips, obviously, because they have a lot of different kind and they have a really cute designs.

  • Lotions and Skin Toner

Innisfree is more of like lotion, skin toner and foundation because they really have a lot of colors and skin types. It’s really good, but it’s kind of expensive.

  • For cheap products

If you want to find cheap products, I would recommend Etude or Nature Republic.

Websites where you can buy Korean cosmetics

Newtle – They have a reward program with points and shipping is free everywhere in the world!

If you have an account on Kpopmart or Kpoptown you can check their cosmetic section and maybe use the points you have to get discounts. They often have promotions on their cosmetic articles.

Yesstyle (cosmetic section) – They have a huge variety of cosmetics and some are very cheap.

You can also check the official websites of Innisfree, TonyMoly, Nature Republic, Etude House, The Face Shop and others….

You can also try the K-Beauty boxes of MemeKorea Box and Birchbox. These boxes are monthly box coming with 5-8 different kind/brand of cosmetics.

Hope you enjoyed this article!



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