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Meet the Kpop Fanboy…..

The Kpop Fan Boy

Hello to all you Kpop fans out there!

Before I get started on anything, I just wanted to let you guys know that this post will be a little different and special from our other ones!

Just recently we were able to chat with a group Kpop fans that love Kpop just as much as we do, but here’s the catch, this group of Kpop enthusiasts, are not only super outgoing and hilarious, but they also have not been recognized as much in the Kpop industry……..And they are your KPOP FAN BOYS!

With Skyler Jung, the founder of their page “The Kpop Fanboy”, the group (which consists of both fangirls & fanboys) have been writing Fanfic narrations, Hallyu News, Daily Idol Posts and much more (You can check them out here and here, SO DON’T MISS OUT!), and so we decided to ask a couple of questions to see/get some different perspectives and opinions on how they experience Kpop themselves. 


So tell us a little about your group.

S: It’s a place for where fangirls and fanboys to come together and freak out over their loves for kpop and biases together. It is also to recognize that fanboys exist for male groups as well, just like how there are fangirls for girl groups too. We fanboys also quarrel with each other over our favorite male idol groups as well.

 Okay! So first question, how do you pick your bias in girl and boy groups? What do you pay attention to the most? (Looks, personality, type of voice, genre?)

K: Mix of everything, from the looks to the talent to the personality. I love it if they have a good personality as a person and take care of their fans well.

S: A mix of who steals him from his previous bias and captures his heart

N: I usually end up choosing by personality, looks and talent as well. But somehow I almost always end up having the rapper of the group as my bias *Zelo*

H: I try not to keep biases in groups only because there’s the bias wreckers making it pointless to even try having one. I tend to love and respect all members of the group.


#2: Do you prefer boy groups or girl groups?

K: I prefer boy groups more to be honest. I only like three girl groups, which are G.G, 2NE1 and F(x) and a little bit of Red Velvet

N: I definitely prefer boy groups but I can’t help but be a Twice trash at the same time

S: Boy groups are the best. They just have a more attractive aura to them, more charismatic and attention grabbing.

H: Boy groups. There are very few girl groups I enjoy and that’s only because I’ve found many of the girls groups to be a little too cutesy for me.


#3: How does it feel to be a fanboy when most of the Kpop fans are girls?

There are definitely pros and cons to being a fanboy, but first of all, there’s no way that a fan boy would ever be picked for an event like “win a date” or be brought up to the stage for the “intimate” fan sessions or even just the regular ones. Anything kpop related always only mentions girls. Even at events when they’re addressing the audience, they would usually say “Hello ladies…” but like, I’m not a lady??! Second of all, sometimes fangirls would get super creepy around us (fanboys) like when I used to have a hairstyle like Luhan, girls would repeatedly ask me if they could pretend I was him. Not to mention they also don’t respect the personal space at times, and be touching me as if they’re my girlfriend or something, which really really makes me uncomfortable.

The pros though, you get treated like a celebrity simply because you’re just a fan boy and they sometimes give me free food too.


#4: Do you feel comfortable being around/ dealing with fangirls?

S: Most of them are awesome, it’s just the ones that are a little creepy that make me a little iffy.

H: To be very honest, I’m totally fine with the sane ones, but the ones that sometimes go a little overboard, I’m not so okay with.


#5 : How do you feel when only fangirls are being addressed?

At this point, frankly speaking, really annoyed. Since it happens so often. Even at KCON people will say “Are you guys ready to fangirl” and if I say it annoys me to any girl, they’ll just say “Oh they’re still including you, it’s just an expression that they use…” or something along those lines. But sometimes they still do tend to at least mention us, but only after a thought, and we just wish that they would remember us male fans as well.


#6: If you had to pick a favorite concept for girl groups, would it be cute or sexy?

Instead of choosing between cute or sexy, the badass concepts are the ones we prefer; Neither cute nor sexy. We find that this concept suits our preferences way better, since sometimes the cute concept can be a little to cringeworthy for us and the sexy concept can go overboard and make others feel uncomfortable…


#7: Why was our group created?

Our group was created to give the awesome fan boys the same recognition that the fan girls get!


#8: Do you talk about your biases/favorite groups with non-kpop friends?

S: I don’t actually have non Kpop friends haha, unless if you count the people in my school, my family, and the cashiers at grocery stores.

K: I do, and they usually just listen to me and try to be interested even if they don’t know the group and I’m usually good at getting them into Kpop too.

H: Yep, I’m trying to spread the good word around.


#9: Why do you think fanboys aren’t recognized as much as fangirls?

H: Fangirls are the majority, and technically speaking, Kpop is still pop music, which is generally garnered towards pre-teen to teenage girls majority of the time. BUT, fan boys, older fans (people in their mid-twenties+) and younger ones still exists too.

K: Maybe because fangirls stand out more so the idols tend to see them or like it cause it seems more “normal” for girls to be freaking out about these kinds of things.


Last Question! If you had to choose between boy groups and girl groups?

H: Don’t do this to me.

K: This is hard.

S: My ultimate is just G-Dragon. He is all that matters. ❤


Aaand this concludes our interview! We had tons of fun interviewing them and seeing what their response was!

Don’t forget to check out their pages once again!

The Kpop Fanboy:


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