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[Comeback] Teen Top – Warning Sign (MV teaser #2 + album preview)


A new music video for Angel’s!

As you may know by now, the six member group Teen Top is going to make a comeback after six months. Their upcoming mini album “Red Point” is set to be released on the 18th of January KST, as well as the music video for the title track “Warning Sign“.

The boys recently released teaser images (here and here) showing us a retro and chic concept for “Red Point”. We also have been able to hear the track list which includes six songs, for the most part, written and composed by the members.

After releasing the first music video teaser (here) for “Warning Sign” featuring a mysterious woman, the boys recently released a second one showing us a little bit of the choreography. The video is still mainly in black and white and you can see close up on the members faces.

Check out the music video below:

The members of Teen Top aren’t stopping there with the promotion of their comeback. Two days ago, they released a video medley of “Red Point”‘s tracklist. You can hear jazzy, piano ballads and more upbeat songs. I have to say that the songs “Day To Day” and “Liar” got my attention, so I’m excited to hear the overall songs.

Check out the video medley below:

What do you think of the MV teaser and video medley? Are you excited for their comeback and album?




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