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2015 Return of the Kpop Legends

As you know, recently Turbo made their comeback. Many netizens are eager to see if H.O.T seckchies will also comeback or reunite. We are going to take a look at some Kpop legends that have shocked us this year with their comebacks and shocked fans with their never ending energy.


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Turbo is the famous “Running man” team that shocked fans with their recent comeback. They are very well known for their song Twist .



Shinhwa is made up of six members: Heysung, Eric, Andy, Minwoo, JunJin and Dongwan. They also created Shinhwa company, which they own. Recently they came back with “Sniper“, shocking fans with their young looks and amazing music. They showed us how they can still keep up!


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They are the Hip Hop group of YG Entertainment and forever golden. They came back earlier this year with the song “Tell me“, where they showed off their goofy and cheesy dances.


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JYP Entertainment’s most famous softies that are truly known for melting your heart; Especially lead vocal Kim Tae Woo. They released in the beginning of the year the song “Saturday night“, showing us how they still have that groovy funky sound. They also came back with a sentimental song called, “It’s Funny But Sad

What legends do you want to come back this 2016?


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