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[Get To Know] All of Joo Young


Here’s our first article for our Get To Know Series, which will allow you to discover Kpop and other Korean music genre artists. The first artist I wanted to have our reader discover is Joo Young because I think he deserves more recognition. I have the feeling that not a lot of people know him and it makes me kinda sad cause he has so much talent :O. That’s why, if you’re interested, this article is a good opportunity for you to discover a new amazing and talented solo artist!

Kim Ju Yeong also know as Joo Young, is a 24 years old K-R&B, Ballad and K-Urban singer. He debuted in 2010 with the digital single “Same As You” and signed under the CJE&M Entertainment in 2012. He came back in 2012 after his debut with his first solo album entitled “From Me To You“. He then changed agency in 2014 to sign under the Starship Entertainment, agency of famous groups such as SISTAR, Boyfriend and MONSTA X,

Joo Young is not only a great singer, he also composed and wrote for other artists in the past such as B1A4 for the albums Solo Day and Who I Am but also for Kidoh‘s 1st EP album. Joo Young also featured in songs with Dok2It’s Me” (2009), Mad ClownPiece of Mine” (2015) and KisumYou and I” (2015).



On the 12th of December 2012, Joo Young released his first mini album entitled “From Me To You” marking his comeback after his debut. The mini is composed of six tracks which are: Take A Breath, Hang Up The Phone, All Of You, From Me To You, Seperation and bonus track which is a rap version of the song “Hang Up The Phone” featuring Ra.D, Sickboy, Inbar. The song “From Me To You” included a music video released on CJE&M official YouTube channel. You can check out the music video below and the album cover above:



On the 30th of September 2013, Joo Young released the digital single “Popstar“. A music video was also released on CJE&M official YouTube Channel. Check out the MV below and the album cover above:



In 2014, Joo Young collaborated with SISTAR‘s Hyorin to release the digital single “Erase“. Joo Young participated in the writing of the lyrics of both of the songs on this digital single: “Erase” and a sweet version of “Same As You“. “Erase” is featuring the rapper Iron and includes a music video released on Starship Entertainment official YouTube channel. Check out the MV below and the album cover above:



On 5th of February 2015, Joo Young collaborated with Giriboy and Mad Clown. The three of them released the song “Young“, which was part of the digital album entitled No Mercy, pt3 and featuring MONSTA X‘s I.M, Joo Heon and Ki Hyun. The digital album was part of the survival program to form MONSTA X. Check out the music video below and the album cover above:



On the 27th of August 2015, Joo Young released his last solo project for the year. Entitled 3, the mini album is composed of two songs: “Downtown Love” featuring Mad Clown and Whale, while Wet” features Superbee form SMTM4. The music video for the song “Wet” stars SISTAR’s Bora. You can check out the music video below and the album cover above:

If I had to recommend a song it would definitely be “Wet” and the cover of the song “Call You Mine” he did. Starship Entertainment released a music video for the cover which you will be able to check out below. It’s definitely worth it!! His voice is amazing and his English is on point.

So what do you think of Joo Young? Do you like him?



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