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What is Luhan been up to since he left EXO?


What is Luhan, our small and cute deer been up to??

Luhan, who debuted in 2012 and who was once one of the main singers of SM Entertainment‘s famous Kpop group EXO-M, left and became an amazing little deer solo Chinese singer (not that he wasn’t before of course!!!).

Looks like Luhan has been practicing his acting skills as well as preparing for his first solo album.

After releasing multiples music video for songs, Luhan has finally announced the release date for his first solo album entitled Reloaded. The album will be on sale on the 10th of December for Chinese fans, as well as international . Isn’t that exciting??

Reloaded will include the following songs (not in order):

  • Your Song
  • That Good Good
  • Adventure Time
  • Promises
  • Medals
  • Football Gang
  • Lu

All the songs are Chinese songs except for Lu which is entirely English. Except for Aventure Time, all of the songs above have music videos. You can watch the incredible music videos below:

Your Song

That Good Good

Here’s the dance video p

And… The music video 😉



As I said earlier, Luhan also has been practicing his acting skills. He recently played in the Chinese remake of the Korean movie Blind, re-titled “The Witness” which was released on the 30th of October. The song Medals was part of the soundtrack for the movie and you can check out a sort of trailer for it in the music video below:

Here’s the audio version:

Football Gang


Check out the covers for the album below:



What do you think of his solo career start? Are you excited for the Reloaded release?


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