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Canada’s biggest Hallyu event is coming to Toronto!!


Are you excited for this big event coming in Toronto??!

Canada’s biggest Hallyu event, which literally means “Korean wave” / “Korean Fever” referring to the sudden increase in Korean culture all around the world in the past ten years due to Kpop and Kdramas, will be coming in 2016 in Toronto!

Information on the event


  • From the 6th to the 7th of May 2016 starting at 4pm.


  • The event will take place at the Enercare Centre. Here’s the full address: 100 Princes’ Blvd. Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario M6K

What will there be

  • Youtubers (comedians, cover artists, MV reactionists), Korean idols, exclusive screening from DramaFever and Korean food.

What about the tickets

  • The ticket prices will be announced soon, right after the artist lineup is announced. Once we know we will let you know.

Where to contact them

  1. Twitter @hallyunorth
  2. Instagram @hallyunorth
  3. Facebook Hallyu North 2016
  4. Their official website: http://www.hallyunorth.com

Are you excited for this big event?? Stay tuned for more information.




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