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[MV] VIXX – N & Leo solo clips of Chained Up

VIXX made a comeback on the 10th of November with their second full length album entitled Chained Up. They also released a music video for the same song on the same day (more informations here). Because a music video is not enough for the Starlights, the members of VIXX decided to release solo clips from the MV Chained Up of each members. The solo clips of Hongbin and Ken were the first ones to be release. If you missed them, you can go check this article.

As for today, two new solo clips were released. I’m sure you’re all excited to watch them because this time…. It was Leo’s and N’s turn to release their own solo clips. Check them out below!

Here’s N’s version:

Here’s Leo’s version:

Only Ravi’s and Hyuk’s solo clips are left. Stay tuned so you won’t miss them!


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