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[MV/Album Review] VIXX – Chained Up


VIXX is baaaaack!! Yeaaaah!!

VIXX is a Kpop male group composed of 6 members under the Jellyfish Entertainment. They officially debuted on the 24th of May 2012 with the song Super Hero. Their first full album, VOODOO, was released on the 25th of November 2013.

After nearly two years, VIXX came back on the 10th of November with their second full length album entitled Chained Up. The album has two versions; a Control version (check out the teaser images released for the Control Version) and a Free version (check out the teaser images released for the Free Version). The album is composed of 13 songs which are:

  1. Mistress (Intro)
  2. Chained Up
  3. Maze
  4. Stop It Girl
  5. Hot Enough
  6. Spider
  7. That You
  8. Heaven
  9. Now We
  10. Eternity
  11. Error
  12. Can’t Say
  13. Chained Up (Inst.)

Take a look at the album cover below:


All the lyrics on the album were written by Ravi with the help of Kim Eana and Kim Ji Hyang. As for the composition, Melodesign did most of it. The first track of the album, also the intro, is entitle Mistress and it is only 1 minute. Chained up is the second track, as well as the title track of the album. The tenth and eleventh tracks are Eternity & Error and are songs already released before; both on their own mini album. Maze, Spider, as well as Chained Up are dance/electro songs. Heaven and Can’t Say are happy and light-dance songs. Hot Enough (RnB), Stop It Girl, That Girl and Now Me are slower and smooth songs. There are songs for everybody between RnB, Ballad and dance songs. A few songs on the album sound like 90’s songs, especially the slower ones.

I personally love VIXX so I basically like all the songs but if I had to recommend some it would definitely be Can’t Say, Maze, Spider and Hot Enough.

For the occasion, a new music video was released for Chained Up, the title track. The boys are dressed in white suits and orange necklaces, while being stuck in boxes, between curtains or chains. There’s also some parts where we see them doing sexy moves/dance. You will also be able to see Leo’s new blond hair, which I found suits him really well. Watch the music video below.

What do you think of this comeback? Not bad right?


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