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[MV/Album Review] AOA – Ace Of Angels


AOA (Ace Of Angels) is a Kpop girlband composed of 8 members from the FNC Entertainment. They debuted on the 30th of July 2012 with their first single Elvis. The group has a vocal line (Seolhyun, ChoA, Yuna, Y & Hyejeong) and a rapper line (Jimin, Mina & Chanmi).

After their last comeback 3 months ago with their mini album “Heart Attack“, they came back on the 14th of October KST with “Ace Of Angels“, their first Japanese album.

The album is composed of 11 tracks. It’s in fact, Japanese singles already released, reunited in a same album. It also includes 5 new tracks which are Oh Boy, Luv Me, Lemon Slush, You Know That and Stay With Me. You Know That and Luv Me are existing Korean songs translated in Japanese whereas Oh Boy,  Slush and Stay With Me are totally new songs that you can listen to on the album. You can see the tracklist and album cover below :

Ace Of Angels (tracklist)

  1. Oh Boy
  2. Heart Attack (jap vers.)
  3. Elvis (jap vers.)
  4. Joa Yo! (jap vers.)
  5. Luv Me (jap vers.)
  6. Short Hair (jap vers.)
  7. Lemon Slush
  8. Like A Cat (jap vers.)
  9. You Know That
  10. Stay With Me
  11. Miniskirt (jap vers.)


Oh Boy is the titletrack and 1st track of the album. It’s the song used to promote the album, Ace Of Angels. I really like the song. It kind of reminds me of Heart Attack but it’s a nice song. The Japanese version of Heart Attack was released on the 29th of July 2015. It’s the second track of the album. Elvis Japanese version was released on the 25th of February. It’s the third track and it was written by Han Jung Ho and composed by Lee Sang Ho and Kim Do Hun.
Japanese version of Joa Yo! was also released on the 29th of July; It’s the fourth track of the album. The Japanese version of Luv Me is new and was released at the same time as the album. The Japanese version of Short Hair was released on the 1st of October. It was written by Suzuki Yuga and composed by Brave Brothers. Lemon Slush is a totally new song that you can discover by listening to the album. It was released at the same time as the album. Like A Cat was AOA’s second Japanese single. It was also released on the 25th of February 2015 and is the eighth track on the album. It was written and composed by Brave Brothers and Chakun. You Know That and Stay With Me are new Japanese songs released especially for this album. They are the ninth and tenth tracks (respectively). Miniskirt was AOA’s Japanese debut song  and was released on the 1st of October 2014. It was written and composed by Chakun and Brave Brothers.

You can buy the album on YesAsia here.

Because Oh Boy is the title track, a MV of the song was released at the same time as the album. It’s composed of two parts: the dance part and the story part. During the dance part, you can see AOA dancing in a short, black and white dress with a red tie. The story part is with a boy seeing each members of AOA and changing every time. If you haven’t already, you can check out the MV right below.

I interviewed few fans on AOA’s comeback. You can read below their thoughts :

Lucie, 15 years old, living in France. Bias : Yuna.

“What do you think of AOA’s first Japanese album ?”
I found this album really not bad for a first Japanese album. AOA already released Japanese songs before, but only by translating existing Korean songs in Japanese and here we have new tracks which gave me a hint that the album would be good. I found it not bad to mix new tracks with old tracks that we discovered before. We can compare the “old” to the “new” songs. 

“What do you think of their comeback generally ?”
It’s really not often that I’m unsatisfied with an AOA’s comeback. Every time they found a way to surprise us with their cosplay concept like in “Like A Cat” or “Short Hair” as hairdresser, policemen, etc… AOA is a group that arrives to bring new in something old or used many times. In general, I always think their comebacks are good, even if I’m sometimes disappointed like for “Miniskirt” where I found some scenes unnecessary in the MV or the absence of Mina in singing. We always end up by getting a song that correspond to our musical genre with this group and it becomes hard to let it go. Especially with Oh Boy! I think, once again, I can say a big yes to AOA, hoping they will continue to conquer the heart of future new fans.

Quentin, 16 years old, living in France. Bias ChanMi & Jimin.

“What do you think of Oh Boy MV ?”
I found that the MV changed from their usual. It’s basic and there’s nothing really special. For once, they put ChanMi in front which is often aside, but they totally put out Minah which I love. The outfits are nice, especially the black one with the red tie. The other ones are so so. The choreography is pleasant even if I think they didn’t exploit the dance break dubstep fully.

“What do you think of their comeback generally ?”
I think the comeback is successful but nothing more! The music is catchy but Heart Attack and the comebacks of 2014 are well above in comparison with the titletracks. Anyway, it’s globally good for a first Japanese album!

Sangyé, 13 years old, living in Belgium. Bias : Jimin.

“What do you think of Oh Boy MV ?”
The MV is perfect and the choreography is quite simplistic but I like it ❤

“What do you think of AOA’s first Japanese album ?”
I found it cool that they are releasing a Japanese album (even if I usually don’t like when Kpop groups do Japanese songs) but when I listened to it I was happy!

Emma, 15 years old, living in France. Bias : Jimin.

“What do you think of Oh Boy MV ?”
I really like the MV and the song. The MV made me think a lot of Heart Attack’s MV as we also have a solo view, a story and a choreography part. I have the feeling that there was bigger work on this one. They still have their sexy side which fit them very well.

“What do you think of their comeback generally ?”
Their comebacks are always well managed, singing, rapping and even dancing; I like their comeback most of the time. If I had something to say about the songs, I found it weird how Heart Attack and Oh Boy are quite similar. They have quite a rhythmic melody and their voices sound the same but I really like their choreography.

So, what do you think of their first Japanese album ?


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